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Code Example 1

// F: Forground; B: Background; UL: Underline
char* F_RED = "\033[0;31m";
char* F_GREEN = "\033[0;32m";
char* F_YELLOW = "\033[0;33m";
char* F_BLUE = "\033[0;34m";

char* B_RED = "\033[0;41m";
char* B_GREEN = "\033[0;42m";
char* B_YELLOW = "\033[0;43m";
char* B_BLUE = "\033[0;44m";

char* UL_N = "\033[4;0m"; /*Underline with no colour*/
char* UL_F_RED = "\033[4;31m"; /*Underline in red*/
char* UL_F_GREEN = "\033[4;32m"; /*Underline in green*/
char* UL_F_YELLOW = "\033[4;33m"; /*Underline in yellow*/
char* UL_F_BLUE = "\033[4;34m"; /*Underline in yellow*/

char* RMF = "\033[0;00m"; /*Remove formatting & colours*/

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