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Code Example 1

The string property is not properly closed by default You have to add a layer of closure by adding unprintable brackeys  Example 1 : We want Hello World in green as our prompt 	Without brackeys:     	PS1="\033[1;32m Hello World \033[00m"     With brackeys (no text-wrapping):     	PS1="\[ \033[1;32m \] Hello World \[ \033[00m \]"  //note : I added spaces for more clarity but they are printed if you add them  Example 2 : My prompt 	PS1="\[\033[1;32m\]\[email protected]\h\[\033[00m\] [ \[\033[38;5;215m\]\[\e[5m\]\w\[\e[25m\]\[\033[00m\] ] "  //note : I have my username and machine in green and the folder i'm in coloured in blinking orange  Ressource for colours and effects : 	""

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