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Code Example 1

//Akbarali saqlagan C++ bo'yicha cin operatoriga ta'rif
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main (){
  int a;
  cout << "Kattaroq sonni yozing: ";
  cin >> a;
  int b;
  cout << "Tepadaginga nisbatan kichik bo`lgan son(qiymatni) yozing: ";
  cin >> b;
  cout << "Birinchi kiritgan soningizdan ikkinchi kiitgan soningiz " << a-b << " marta katta ekanligi ma'lum bo'ldi.\n";
  return 0;

Code Example 2

//it_start and it_end are the start and end iterators of your container
//(ie. vec.begin() and vec.end())
//T is the type of your container (for example, for a std::vector<int> then
//T is int)
//separator is a string that will be inserted between each element

std::copy(it_start, it_end, std::ostream_iterator<T>(std::cout, separator));

Code Example 3

int age;
cout << "How old are you ?" << endl;
cin >> age;

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