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Code Example 1

// syntax
#include <cstring> // this needs to be at the top of the script/code
// example (assuming: char_1 = 'Compare me'; char_2 = 'Compare_me')
#include <cstring>
if (std::strcmp(char_1,char_2) == 0) {
 std::cout << "The char's that you compared match!" << std::endl; 
else {
 std::cout << "The char's that you compared DON'T match" << std::endl; 

// OUTPUT: The char's that you compared match!

NOTE: the following outputs of std::strcmp indicate:
[less than zero] : left-hand-side appears before right-hand-side in lexicographical order
[zero] : the chars are equal
[greater than zero] : left-hand-side appears after right-hand-side in lexicographical order

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