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Code Example 1

// C++ program to find LCM of two numbers  
#include <iostream>  
using namespace std; 
// Recursive function to return gcd of a and b  
class gfg 
public :  
  int gcd(int a, int b){ 
    if (a == 0) 
        return b;  
    return gcd(b % a, a);  
  // Function to return LCM of two numbers  
  int lcm(int a, int b)  
     return (a*b)/gcd(a, b);  
} ; 
// Driver program to test above function  
int main()  
    gfg g; 
    int a = 15, b = 20;  
    cout<<"LCM of "<<a<<" and "<<b<<" is "<<g.lcm(a, b);  
    return 0;  

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