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Code Example 1

// a) The pointer pointing to local variable becomes 
// dangling when local variable is not static. 
// b) A pointer pointing to a memory location that has been deleted 
// (or freed) is called dangling pointer. There are three different 
// ways where Pointer acts as dangling pointer.
int *fun() 
    // x is local variable and goes out of 
    // scope after an execution of fun() is 
    // over. 
    int x = 5; 
    return &x; 
// Driver Code 
int main() 
    int *p = fun(); 
    // p points to something which is not 
    // valid anymore 
    printf("%d", *p); 
    return 0; 
// Output ==> A Garbage Address

Code Example 2

//Void pointer is a specific pointer type – void *
// – a pointer that points to some data location in storage,
// which doesn’t have any specific type. 
int main() 
    int x = 4; 
    float y = 5.5; 
    //A void pointer 
    void *ptr; 
    ptr = &x; 
    // (int*)ptr - does type casting of void  
    // *((int*)ptr) dereferences the typecasted  
    // void pointer variable. 
    printf("Integer variable is = %d", *( (int*) ptr) ); 
    // void pointer is now float 
    ptr = &y;  
    printf("\nFloat variable is= %f", *( (float*) ptr) ); 
    return 0; 

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