Check out example codes for "tellg and seekg c++". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

// read a file into memory
#include <iostream>     // std::cout
#include <fstream>      // std::ifstream

int main () {
  std::ifstream is ("test.txt", std::ifstream::binary);
  if (is) {
    // get length of file:
    is.seekg (0, is.end);
    int length = is.tellg();
    is.seekg (0, is.beg);

    // allocate memory:
    char * buffer = new char [length];

    // read data as a block: (buffer,length);


    // print content:
    std::cout.write (buffer,length);

    delete[] buffer;

  return 0;

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