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Code Example 1

//Are you trying to procrastinate? Go back to coding

Code Example 2

You can watch  some random dude wasting time playing video games later
and finish your leftover work

Code Example 3

// You're not my mom!

Code Example 4

Don't Waste your time

Code Example 5

I'm a grown-ass adult. You can't tell me what to do! *Goes back to work*

Code Example 6

//Leave me alone, My code is giving stressing me out *starts stress eating and sleeping*

Code Example 7

i just want to see some people play COD Cold War, im sorry

Code Example 8

//You've got better things to do

Code Example 9

"This comment section is a tue hidden gem" -Atomic Cabbage
Atomic Cabbage out

Code Example 10

go on youtube

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