Check out example codes for "what is difference between single inverted and double inverted in programming languages". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

[...] In common usage, there may be a distinction between the
single and double quotation marks in this context; often, single
quotation marks are used to embrace single characters, while 
double quotation marks enclose whole words or phrases[.]

Simply: according to the charcter check for string and char
1. if char , then use '';
2. if string , then use "";

Code Example 2

n C/C++, when a character array is initialized with a double quoted
string and array size is not specified, compiler automatically 
allocates one extra space for string terminator ‘\0’. 

From my experience :
1. It returns the Pointer to where call is occured( " " ).
2. vice-versa for (single inverted comma - ' ' );

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