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Code Example 1

// Simplified example. Check
// for detailed explanations of this and other syncronizing constructs

private readonly AutoResetEvent _signal = new AutoResetEvent(false);
private readonly ConcurrentQueue<Something> _queue = new ConcurrentQueue<Something>();

// this method can be called by one or more threads simultaneously
// (although the order of enqueued items cannot be known if many threads are competing)
void ProduceItem(Something s)
    _queue.Enqueue(s);  // enqueue item for processing
    _signal.Set();      // signal the consumer thread if it's waiting

// this loop should be running on a separate thread.
void ConsumerLoop()
    while (!_ending)
        // block until producer signals us

        // process whatever is enqueued 
        Something s = null;
        while (!_ending && _concurrentQueue.TryDequeue(out s))

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