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Code Example 1

public class Person
   private string last;
   private string first;

   public Person(string lastName, string firstName)
      last = lastName;
      first = firstName;

   // Remaining implementation of Person class.

Code Example 2

//The Class
public class MyClass
  	//Some Variables
	public readonly int var1;
  	public readonly string var2;
  	//readonly only lets you set it ina constructor	
  	//The Constructor (public [class name](parameters))
  	public MyClass(int param1, string param2)
      	//Setting the earlier variables
     	var1 = param1;
      	var2 = param2;

//Creating an object using that class
MyClass Class1 = new MyClass(10, "Hello, World!");
MyClass Class2 = new MyClass(9999, "This is the second object!");


//This is the second object!

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