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Code Example 1

//Get a string between a start index and end index    
string str = "How to find a substring in a string";    
int startIndex = 7;    
int endIndex = str.Length - 7;    
string title = str.Substring(startIndex, endIndex);

Code Example 2

using System; 
class HellWorld { 
    // Main Method 
    public static void Main() 
        // define string 
        String str = "Let us code"; 
        Console.WriteLine("String    : " + str); 
        // retrieve the substring from index 5 
        Console.WriteLine("Sub String1: " + str.Substring(5)); 
        // retrieve the substring from index 8 
        Console.WriteLine("Sub String2: " + str.Substring(8)); 

Code Example 3

String phrase = "this is the ultimate string";

Console.WriteLine(phrase.Contains("this")); //returns True
Console.WriteLine(phrase.Contains("python")); //returns False

Code Example 4

// To get a substring of a string use 'Substring()'
// The first value is the index of where to start and the second
// value is the lenght of the substring.
string str = "Hello World!"
str.Substring(3, 4) // Output: "lo W"
// If you only give a starting index, it will go until the end
str.Substring(3) // Output: "lo World!"

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