Check out example codes for "unity list". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

List<Datatype> listName = new List<Datatype>();
ex: List<float> myList = new List<float>();

Code Example 2

void Start () 
        //This is how you create a list. Notice how the type
        //is specified in the angle brackets (< >).
        public List<BadGuy> badguys = new List<BadGuy>();

        //Here you add 3 BadGuys to the List
        badguys.Add( new BadGuy("Harvey", 50));
        badguys.Add( new BadGuy("Magneto", 100));
        badguys.Add( new BadGuy("Pip", 5));


        foreach(BadGuy guy in badguys)
            print ( + " " + guy.power);

        //This clears out the list so that it is

Code Example 3

GameObject Obj;
List<GameObject> Objects = new List<GameObject>();


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