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Code Example 1

using UnityEngine;

/// <summary>Manages data for persistance between levels.</summary>
public class DataManager : MonoBehaviour 
    /// <summary>Static reference to the instance of our DataManager</summary>
    public static DataManager instance;

    /// <summary>The player's current score.</summary>
    public int score;
    /// <summary>The player's remaining health.</summary>
    public int health;
    /// <summary>The player's remaining lives.</summary>
    public int lives;

    /// <summary>Awake is called when the script instance is being loaded.</summary>
    void Awake()
        // If the instance reference has not been set, yet, 
        if (instance == null)
            // Set this instance as the instance reference.
            instance = this;
        else if(instance != this)
            // If the instance reference has already been set, and this is not the
            // the instance reference, destroy this game object.

        // Do not destroy this object, when we load a new scene.

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