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Code Example 1

/* CSS color codes work in format like HTML (rgb, color codes[#123456])*/

/* So here is a way to use this! */

	/* you can use any piece of the code for this */
		color: #ABCDEF;
		color: rgb(50, 50, 50);

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Code Example 2

Format: #rrggbb
example: #abcdef

# How to decode?
F -- Full/Max value.
0 -- Off/Min value.

Color codes can range from #000000 (black) to #ffffff (white)
...or anything in between, #5a8d33 (Cactus green)

# Where can you easily find/create one?
Google has an built in HEX color picker
W3Schools has a color code finder

Code Example 3

Use for this

Code Example 4

paletton is what you want
It even gives you presets based on the colour rules
See below link

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