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Code Example 1

# how to create, write content to a file and read it in kali linux
# 1. Use the command echo.
# 2. write the content in quotes.
# 3. use the grater the sign if it is a new file to create.
# 3b. use double grater then sign to write more content to the file....
# .....if the file already exists.
# if you use the single grater then sign and the file already exists....
# ..... you will overwrite the existing content, so beware.
# 4. now you write the name of the file the dot and the type of extention.

# here is one example for making a new file.

echo "This is a new file!" > new.txt

# and here is one example for adding more content to the file.

echo "add some more content!" >> new.txt

# Now it's time to read the content of the file
# for this you will use the cat command and the name of the file....
# .....with its extention.

cat new.txt

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