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Code Example 1

/*Typical link CSS code: */
<link rel="stylesheet" href="myStyles.css" type="text/css" />
The browser will always interpret / as the root of the hostname. 
For example, if my site was and I specified /css/images.css 
then it would search for that at 
If your project root was actually at /myproject/ it would not find the css file.
Therefore, you need to determine where your project folder root is relative 
to the hostname, and specify that in your href notation.

If you want to reference something you know is in the same path on the 
url - that is, if it is in the same folder, 
for example and, and you know that it will always 
be this way, you can go against convention and specify a relative path 
by not putting a leading / in front of your path, for example, css/style.css.

Filesystem Notations: 
Additionally, you can use standard filesystem notations 
like ... If you do 
it would be the same as If you want 
to reference something that is one directory up from your file, 
use ../myFile.css.

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