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Code Example 1

<!-- Use the following code to help customize a link's color or
text. -->
<a></a> <!-- This tag will start the creation of a link -->

<a href=""></a> <!-- The "href" tag within <a href=""></a>
				is used to specify the link adress, put
				whatever link you need inside the "href"
				tag. -->

<a href="">
  my profile</a> <!-- Inbetween <a> and </a> tags, you can put
				what you want your custom link to appear as -->

<!-- Using CSS you can customize the colors of your links!
	If you want you can add an Id to the link to make it
	seperate colors from the rest.
Example: -->
<a href="">
/* The color of the link */
  a:link {

/* The color of the link when the mouse is hovered over it */
  a:hover {
/* When link has been visited */
  a:visited {
/* When link is clicked/selected */
  a:active {

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