Check out example codes for "html bold text". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

<p style="font-weight:bold">Hey there</p>

Code Example 2

<!--Emphasized bold text. It's for content that is of greater importance-->
<strong>I'm a content</strong>

<!--Bold text. It's used to draw attention to text without indicating that it's more important-->
<b>I'm another content</b>

Code Example 3

#bold text:
<strong> this is bold </strong>

Code Example 4

   <title>Bold text</title>
   <p>Use the strong element to <strong>indicate strongly emphasized</strong> content.</p>

Code Example 5

<p>This is normal text - <b>and this is bold text</b>.</p>

Code Example 6

font-weight: bold;

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