Check out example codes for "html div". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

  <!-- This is opening of a division tag-->

Code Example 2

<div id='number1' class='model'>
  <h2>Number 1:</h2>
    Div's are great to split up and shape your website, they can be
    modified my css, interact with js and more.
  <!-- Eny regular html code can be put in divs, multiple classes
  can be put in divs. Yet divs can only have 1 id. Divs are so useful!-->
<!-- Hope This Helped! -->

Code Example 3

//div tag


//a div is an invisible box

Code Example 4

.myDiv {
  border: 5px outset red;
  background-color: lightblue; 
  text-align: center;


<div class="myDiv">
  <h2>This is a heading 
  in a div element</h2>
  <p>This is some text in a div element.</p>



Code Example 5

div {  display: block;}

Code Example 6


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