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Code Example 1

  	type: 'POST',
  	url: "<Your URL>",
	contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8'
  	// Set your dataType to either 'html' or 'text'.
	// Keep in mind: dataType is for receiving,
	// contentType is for sending
  	dataType: 'html',
  	data: { example: 1, id: "0x100"},
	// Note: the data above is used in sending,
	// data below is a variables that stores received data
  	success: function (data){
     	// Suppose you have an html element, where you want to append 
     	// the response:
     	$('#<Your html element id>').html(data);
  		// .html(data) overwrites existing data
		// Use .append(data) to add response without overwriting!

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