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Code Example 1

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  There are an awful lot of libraries that want to help you animate
  things on the web. These aren’t really libraries that help you
  with the syntax or the technology of animations, but rather are
  grab-and-use as-is libraries. Want to apply a class like
  “animate-flip-up” and watch an element, uhhh, flip up? These are
  the kind of libraries to look at.

  1. Animista (personal favourite)
  2. Animate.css
  3. Tachyons
  4. Infinite
  5. Motion UI
  6. Micron
  7. Vivify
  9. Hover.css
  10. AllAnimationCss3
  11. Magic Animations CSS3
  12. It's Tuesday
  13. CHS
  14. ReboundGen
  15. CSShake
  16. Motion CSS
  18. WickedCSS
  19. Woah.css
  20. Obnoxious.css
  21. Hexa
  22. Mimic.css

  For more information and direct links to the website of these
  libraries, go to:

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