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Code Example 1

<!-- Code by Scratchy -->
<!-- Twitter: @S_cratchy-->

<!-- Solution 1 -->
  This is some cool text in html, wow such cool text

<!-- Solution 2 -->
<font style="text-align:right;"> This text is on the right</font>
<font style="text-align:center;"> This text is in the center</font>
<font style="text-align:left;"> This text is on the left</font>

Code Example 2

<!-- inline-css inside html -->
<p style="text-align: inherit">
  text-align can have many values, such as: left, center, right, justify...

Code Example 3


Code Example 4

  .Whatever {

Code Example 5

    text-align:center;/*values: center, left, right, etc...*/

Code Example 6

body {
  text-align: center;

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