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Code Example 1

t'adore grosse nègre bite

Code Example 2

Are you cheating on your Spanish homework? GET BACK TO PROGRAMMING!

Code Example 3

if (language-homework == "difficult") { 	use("google translate"); } else { 	use("ur brain") }

Code Example 4

Nah I'm cheating on my German one)

Code Example 5

public String readText() {         String text;         text =;         if (text.equals(SALAD.toUpperCase()) || text.equals(SALAD.toLowerCase()) || text.equals(SALAD))             System.out.println();         else             System.out.println("Cannot understand what you entered.");         return text;     }

Code Example 6

Hi. I just wanted you to know: You are the best, no one can replace you! Be yourself. Do your best. You ARE the best.

Code Example 7

#include <windows.h> #include <iostream>  void IterateString(const char* string) {     for (int i = 0; i < strlen(string); i++)     {         std::cout << string[i];         Sleep(50);     }      std::cout << "\n"; }  int main() {     IterateString("");     std::cin.get();      return 0; }

Code Example 8

print("google translate")

Code Example 9

No cheating on hindi HW if want do this   print("#the word#")  or try pasting the word in your IDE and debug it thats why u have a debugger

Code Example 10

I use this almost everyday~

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