Check out example codes for "Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'insertAdjacentElement' on 'Element': parameter 2 is not of type 'Element'". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

The second parameter of insertAdjacentElement() should be a html object.
The trick below works :)

var htmlString = `<div class="item clearfix" id="income-${}">
            <div class="item__description">${obj.descripiton}</div>
            <div class="right clearfix">
                <div class="item__value">${obj.value}</div>
                <div class="item__delete">
                    <button class="item__delete--btn"><i class="ion-ios-close-outline"></i></button>
 var htmlObject = document.createElement('div');
 document.querySelector(".income__list").insertAdjacentElement('beforeend', htmlObject);

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