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Code Example 1

// Java program to read data of various types using Scanner class. 
import java.util.Scanner; 
public class ScannerDemo1 
    public static void main(String[] args) 
        // Declare the object and initialize with 
        // predefined standard input object 
        Scanner sc = new Scanner(; 
        // String input 
        String name = sc.nextLine(); 
        // Character input 
        char gender =; 
        // Numerical data input 
        // byte, short and float can be read 
        // using similar-named functions. 
        int age = sc.nextInt(); 
        long mobileNo = sc.nextLong(); 
        double cgpa = sc.nextDouble(); 
        // Print the values to check if the input was correctly obtained. 
        System.out.println("Name: "+name); 
        System.out.println("Gender: "+gender); 
        System.out.println("Age: "+age); 
        System.out.println("Mobile Number: "+mobileNo); 
        System.out.println("CGPA: "+cgpa); 

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