Check out example codes for "live election results". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

if (!nevada || !Pennsylvania)

Code Example 2

<h1>What is going on</h1>

Code Example 3

keep the live election result closer, & 
the blood pressure medicine a lot closer...

Nevada ain't sharing update until 11 am tomorrow

Code Example 4

select * from users where clue = 0;

Code Example 5

Please do not post answers on not code-related questions to express your
personal opinion (whatever it is). Let's keep this whole thing sane.

Code Example 6

Hec donald trump

Code Example 7

System.out.print("We are screwed either way");

Code Example 8

Alright, guys, this one's for all the marbles.

Code Example 9

BIDEN 2020

Code Example 10

Where looking at a close call win with Trump

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