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Code Example 1

# Short answer:
# In R there are 6 main data types: character, numeric (real or decimal),
# integer, logical, complex, and raw. Use class(object) to determine the
# data type you are working with.

# Example data types:
Data Type		Examples	
Logical		TRUE, FALSE
Numeric		12.3, 5, 999 # In R, "ints" and "floats" are type numeric
Integer		2L, 34L, 0L	# Add an L after the number to specify type int
Character	'a', "good", "TRUE", '23.4'	
Complex		3 + 2i 	# This type isn't used much
Raw			"Hello" is stored as 48 65 6c 6c 6f	# This type isn't used much

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