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rubyhow to make custom primary key railshow to push into an array with rubyhow to rename a table in rubyhow to reset migrations railshow to turn rows into columns rubyi am working in ruby 2.6 how to jump to a lower versioninclude ruby stringinfinite loop rubyinstall ruby ubuntu 20.04iterate over array rubyjupyter notebook rubylewagon rails templatemanage ruby versionsone line each loop rubypod install ruby: bad interpreter: No such file or directoryrails 6 TypeError: $(...).tooltip is not a functionrails before_actionrails c add timingsrails change resource namerails connect to remote databaserails don't render if in test environmentrails exceprails form_tagrails g modelrails get current pathrails has_many_and_belongs_to PG::UndefinedTable: Error: relation does not existrails image_tag link sizerails keep all params except for somerails many to many relationship same modelrails render partialrails server set default port and iprails undo scaffoldrails validatorsrecord count by month in 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