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Code Example 1

create procedure _ListIndexes(@tableName nvarchar(200))
exec _ListIndexes '<YOUR TABLE NAME>'
SELECT DB_NAME(DB_ID()) as DBName, + '.' + AS TableName, as IndexName, IDX.type_desc AS IndexType,COL.Name as ColumnName,IC.*
    FROM sys.tables AS TBL 
         INNER JOIN sys.schemas AS SCH ON TBL.schema_id = SCH.schema_id 
         INNER JOIN sys.indexes AS IDX ON TBL.object_id = IDX.object_id 
         INNER JOIN sys.index_columns IC ON  IDX.object_id = IC.object_id and IDX.index_id = IC.index_id 
         INNER JOIN sys.columns COL ON ic.object_id = COL.object_id and IC.column_id = COL.column_id 
        where = @tableName
    ORDER BY TableName,


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