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Code Example 1

Because business requirements change, we need to rename the current table to a new one to better reflect the new situation. MySQL provides us with a very useful statement that changes the name of one or more tables.

To change one or more tables, we use the RENAME TABLE statement as follows:

RENAME TABLE old_table_name TO new_table_name;
The old table ( old_table_name) must exist, and the new table ( new_table_name) must not. If the new table new_table_name does exist, the statement will fail.

In addition to the tables, we can use the RENAME TABLE statement to rename views.

Code Example 2

ALTER TABLE table_name
  RENAME TO new_table_name;

Code Example 3

-- mysql
ALTER TABLE `members` CHANGE COLUMN `full_names` `fullname` char(250) NOT NULL;

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