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Code Example 1

/* Differences Table
Parameter								MariaDB																												MySQL
Storage Engines							MariaDB has 12 new storage engines that you won't find in MySQL.													Fewer options for storage
Speed Improvements						MariaDB shows an improved speed when compared to MySQL.																Slower speed
Initial release							2009																												1995
Server operating systems				FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, Windows																					FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, Solaris, Windows
Faster cache/indexes					An INSERT statement can be completed 24% faster																		Slower
Larger and Faster Connection Pool		Advanced thread pool capable of running faster and supporting up to 200,000+ connections.							Cannot support up to 200,000 connections per time.
Improved Replication					Safer and faster. Updates 2x faster																					Community edition allows a static number of threads to be connected. MySQL's enterprise plan comes with thread capabilities.
New Features/Extensions					Comes with new features and extensions including the JSON, WITH and KILL statements.								The new MariaDB features are not provided in MySQL.
Missing Features						Lacks some of the features provided by the MySQL enterprise edition. Offers alternative open-source plugins.		The Enterprise Edition of MySQL uses a proprietary code. Only users of MySQL Enterprise Edition have access to this.
Priority code							Doesn't allow access to this propriety content and is a closed source.												Uses some proprietary code in its Enterprise Edition.
Data Masking							No																													Yes
Dynamic columns							No																													Yes
Monitoring								SQLyog																												MySQL workbench
Routing									MariaDB MaxScale																									Mysql Router
Analytics								MariaDB ColumnStore																									No
Secondary database model				Document store and Graph DBMS																						Document store
Git hub stars							2.8 k																												4k
Forks									868																													1.6 K
Famous companies using					Nrise, Accenture, Docplanner, Grooveshark.																			Airbnb, Uber Technogloeis, Netflix, Dropbox.

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