Check out example codes for "mysql update query". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

UPDATE tableName SET anAttribute = 'Something' WHERE anOtherAttribute = 'SomethingElse'

//All 'SomethingElse' values will become 'Something'

Code Example 2

UPDATE table_name
SET variable = 'changed field', variable = 'another changed field'
WHERE firstline_name = 1;

Code Example 3

-- Things in brackets are optional
-- IGNORE modifier updates rows even if errors occur (ie: the rows that cause errors are simply not updated)
UPDATE [IGNORE] table_name 
    column_name1 = expr1,
    column_name2 = expr2,
    condition]; -- WHERE tells us which rows to update based on said condition

Code Example 4

UPDATE table_name SET field1 = 'value 1', field2 = 'value 2'
WHERE field3 = 'value 3'

Code Example 5

UPDATE table_name

SET column1=value, column2=value2,...

WHERE some_column=some_value 

Code Example 6

-- Set New Employee Password 
UPDATE employee
SET employee.password = '1234'
WHERE = '[email protected]';

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