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Code Example 1

catch (err) {
  if (err instanceof Errors.BadRequest)
    return res.status(HttpStatus.BAD_REQUEST).send({ message: err.message }); // 400
  if (err instanceof Errors.Forbidden)
    return res.status(HttpStatus.FORBIDDEN).send({ message: err.message }); // 403
  if (err instanceof Errors.NotFound)
    return res.status(HttpStatus.NOT_FOUND).send({ message: err.message }); // 404
  if (err instanceof Errors.UnprocessableEntity)
    return res.status(HttpStatus.UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY).send({ message: err.message }); // 422
  return res.status(HttpStatus.INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR).send({ error: err, message: err.message });

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