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Code Example 1

create or replace type t_record as object (
  i number,
  n varchar2(30)

Code Example 2

create or replace function return_table return t_table as
  v_ret   t_table;

 -- Call constructor to create the returned
 -- variable:
    v_ret  := t_table();

 -- Add one record after another to the returned table.
 -- Note: the »table« must be extended before adding
 -- another record:
    v_ret.extend; v_ret(v_ret.count) := t_record(1, 'one'  );
    v_ret.extend; v_ret(v_ret.count) := t_record(2, 'two'  );
    v_ret.extend; v_ret(v_ret.count) := t_record(3, 'three');

 -- Return the record:
    return v_ret;

end return_table;

Code Example 3

create or replace type t_table as table of t_record;

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