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Code Example 1

**For Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.4 users.** 
When a browser sends a command to xdg-open fails by "?" character.
Thus, you can [test](  this in your terminal

1. (This happens) The browser sends a raw request to xdg-open
xdg-open postman://app/collections/import/631643-dac5eac9-148d-a32e-b76b-3edee9da28f7-JsLs?
2. (This should happens)  xdg-open command doesn't wait "?", then "'\\?"
xdg-open postman://app/collections/import/631643-dac5eac9-148d-a32e-b76b-3edee9da28f7-JsLs\?\?

I don't know why this works. But it works for me.

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