Check out example codes for "if shorthand typescript". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

const answer = x > 10 ? "greater than 10" : "less than 10";

Code Example 2

isLoggedIn ? "Logout" : "Login";

Code Example 3

const x = true;
var result = x === true ? "passed" : "failed";

//var 1.result = 2.x 3.=== 4.true 5.? 6."passed" 7.: 8."failed";
//2.left side of if statement
//3.if statement operator
//4.right side of if statement
//5.shorthand then operator
//6.if true the result will be "passed"
//7.shorthand else operator
//8.if false the result will be "failed"

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