Check out example codes for "ng angular". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

ng n <name> [options]

Code Example 2

ng new <name> [options]

Code Example 3

npm install -g @angular/cli    //make sure you have node/npm installed 
ng new <appname>        //  eg:  ng new my-app
cd <appname>       // cd my-app
ng serve

Code Example 4

npm install -g @angular/cli    // once you have node/npm installed 
ng new my-new-app             //  my-new-app is the name you want to give to your app
cd my-new-app
ng serve -o                  // using -o or --open it will open the app directly in your default browser

Code Example 5

      ng new angular-tour-of-heroes

Code Example 6

ng new project_name

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