Check out example codes for "upgradecomponent". It will help you in understanding the concepts better.

Code Example 1

      // This Angular directive will act as an interface to the "upgraded" AngularJS component
@Directive({selector: 'ng1-hero'})
export class Ng1HeroComponentWrapper extends UpgradeComponent {
  // The names of the input and output properties here must match the names of the
  // `<` and `&` bindings in the AngularJS component that is being wrapped
  @Input() hero!: Hero;
  @Output() onRemove!: EventEmitter<void>;

  constructor(elementRef: ElementRef, injector: Injector) {
    // We must pass the name of the directive as used by AngularJS to the super
    super('ng1Hero', elementRef, injector);

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